porphyry picture

The porphyry is a volcanic effusive rock belonging to the porphyry platform of Alto Adige.

The porphyry has various technical features that make it one of the most used materials for the realization of outdoor floorings. In particular it is characterised by the great resistance due to the high compression breaking load and by an excellent resistance to chemical agents and to high temperature range. Moreover, thanks to the wide range of colours available and to the great quantity of formats, the porphyry is an extremely versatile material, suitable for any kind of outdoor flooring.

The porphyry is adaptable to any project thanks to the possibility to realize various formats among which we can find setts, porphyry cubes, crazy paving, flags and smolleri. These solutions allow the realization of various types of floorings like pedestrian flooring, vehicular and heavy traffic flooring up to the more refined and elegant floorings and to the requalification of historic floorings.



dolomitic grey porphyry picture

Dolomitic grey porphyry

grey porphyry picture

Grey porphyry

half-oxidized porphyry picture

Half-oxidized porphyry

mixed porphyry picture

Mixed porphyry

dolomitic violet porphyry picture

Dolomitic violet porphyry

ruby red porphyry picture

Ruby red porphyry


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trachyte picture