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A pebble is a round stone produced during the alluvial transport of broken up sedimentary rocks. Piave´s and Ticino´s pebbles are among the most common.

Particularly suitable for the realization of squares and street floorings, in the past the pebble was an extremely exploited material, it was used for the outdoor floorings of Venetian villas. Today it is frequently used in the restoration and requalification of ancient urban areas.

Thanks to a chromatic range that goes from dark grey to ochre and white passing through countless shadows, and thanks to the variable dimensions of the pebbles, it is possible to realize unique and peculiar floorings.

There are three types of laying: the most traditional and common is the “flat” (the flat surface of the stone is the one exposed, in this way walking is easier), then there is the vertical laying and lastly the pointed laying.


Piave pebbles picture

Piave pebbles

Ticino pebbles picture

Ticino pebbles


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