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The marble is a metamorphic rock mainly composed of calcium carbonate. Characterized by a low refractive index which lets the light penetrate the surface before being reflected, the marble is a bright material appreciated for its presence that gives elegance and value to the environment.

The colour of marble depends on the presence of mineral impurities in the rock. Among the most important for the realization of indoor and outdoor floorings are Lessinia marble, Carrara marble and Trani marble, all of them with a colour range going from pink to white and from ochre to grey.

The marble is not particularly durable and it tends to deteriorate when exposed to friction, so it is normally avoided for vehicular surfaces. It is used for outdoor pedestrian surfaces, borders, delimitations, stairs, wainscots, and also for the realization of street furniture like bollards, speed bumps, benches, etc.

The marble is a material that allows various types of surface manufacturing: polishing-facing, flaming, bush hammering, scratching, sandblast, brushing and etching.


Carrara marble picture

Carrara marble

Lessinia marble picture

Lessinia marble

Trani marble picture

Trani marble


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