LayingSoil and background analysis

The first step in porphyry laying is the analysis of the soil that will support the flooring. After that, there is the realization of the background which, being the load-bearing, must be realized in order to maintain its peculiarities of endurance, solidity and stability along time.

The background screed for outdoor floorings must have a 2%-3% incline in order to allow the water drainage towards the gathering place and the drain.

There are two types of background: the reinforced concrete screed and the roadbed. They are used according to the type of soil and to the load that has to be carried. The former is the most common solution and is realized through the immersion of an adequate arc-welded mesh into a layer of concrete which must be at least 10-12 cm thick. The latter is composed of a layer of pressed gravel characterized by a varied granulometry.